How to Make Solar Light Mason Jars

Sep 01 2016
How to Make Solar Light Mason Jars

We are obsessed with fairies in this house. They come and visit us quite often. They leave gifts, notes, and the occasional trail of glitter : ) We even have a tiny fairy door in the house! Therefore we thought it would be super fun to turn the Solar Panel Mason Jar Lights we made on HGTV Handmade into fairy jars! If you didn't see the episode on HGTV Handmade you can watch it here! Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss anything! Scroll down for the tutorial. Xx

Solar Panel Mason Jar Lights

What you need
Regular mouth mason jars (clear or colored)
Dolar stake lights (I got mine at my local dollar store)
E6000 adhesive
Frosted glass spray paint or Colored spray paint
A fairy print out from Google
Black construction paper
Mod Podge
1. Remove the bands from the mason jars leaving the flat lid in place. In a well ventilated area spray paint the jars with frosted glass spray paint. Allow to dry completely.
2. Remove the stake portion of the solar lights (ours unscrewed). Glue the lights to the mason jar bands, where the flat lids would go, using E6000. Let dry.
3. Cut out your fairy and trace it onto black construction paper, then cut the fairy out of the construction paper and using modpodge glue the fairy to the inside of the jar. Let dry.
4. Remove the flat lids from the painted mason jars and screw on the bands with the attached solar lights. Set jars in sun to charge.
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